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September 16, 2010
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         I leaned forward, lying on top of him. My heart felt like it was going to burst. I tangled my fingers in his blue hair as he slid his hands up my shirt. Chills rose upon my skin, he was so warm. I slid my tongue into his mouth, tasting him hungrily. Grimmjow tangled our tongues, I blushed deeply.  Then unbuttoned the top 4 buttons of his shirt, and then mindlessly licked his chest up to his ear. I nibbled on his ear, tugging on it. He moaned quietly. I smirked, "You like that?" I said seductively in his ear. He nodded. I ripped off his shirt aggressively, sucking on his chest. There were hickis left all over his skin. He gripped my arms tightly, "U-ulquiorra…."
     "yes?" I grinded up his body. He moaned quietly, shutting his eyes tightly.
     "j-just….keep doing that." He pleaded. I smirked, licking him again. My lips traveled to his nipple, my tongue twirled itself around it. He clawed the bed, then pounced on top of me. I looked at him, a little surprised. He bit my neck, "nhh….ah.." my back arched a little. I then heard the front door open, "We're home!" shit. My parents. I kissed him one more time aggressively, "you gotta go." I sat up quickly.
     Grimmjow tilted his head, "But…..why?" I pointed to the door. "my parents!" I opened the window, "please go. I'll text you later or something." He nodded, crawling out the window. I closed it quickly. He looked back at me, then put his hand to the window. I smiled widly, putting my hand to his. Grimmjow put his lips to the window, I did as he did. Then pulled away. Grimmjow walked away, without his shirt. I took off mine, putting on his. I fell asleep with the hugest smile on my face that night.
     Finally, Saturday. I wonder if grimmjow wants to hang out? i texted him.
me: hey ;)
grimmjow: hello there :D
me: you wanna hang out today?
grimmjow: fuck yes ;)
     I smiled widly to myself.
me: yay! meet me at the park :))
     i hurried and got ready, still wearing his shirt. i ran quickly to the park, seeing him. my face lit up instently. i ran to him, he caught me in his big arms, "i missed you!" i locked my arms around his neck, kissing him passionatly. i was so happy with him. happier then i had ever been. he kissed back, holding me up. i wrapped my legs around his waist, so i didnt have to stand on my tip toes. this is what i wanted. what i needed.
MEEEEEHHHH!!!! finally wrote more! :la: :la: :la:
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